Foundations Lacrosse


The goal of the Foundations Lacrosse high school program is to develop the skills that will allow our players to excel at the collegiate level. This includes both getting recruited to a college program of their desire and making an impact on their college team.


Too often do you see excellent lacrosse players that are under recruited in high school, they go on to be great college players but are not given the options they deserve in the recruiting process. The inverse of this is even worse. Great players that go to the college level and do not touch the field. Our high school program is designed to develop the skills in our players that will make them stand out in a pool of recruits, and make a long-term impact in the college game as well.



High school club lacrosse is split up into upperclassmen and underclassmen

Upperclassmen are athletes going into or currently in either their Junior or Senior year of high school

Underclassmen are athletes going into or currently in either their Freshman or Sophomore year of high school



High School:

Discounted full year price: $1,635

Fall Season: $515

Winter Season: $695

Summer Season: $635


**More information about what each season offers is in the corresponding dropdown menu**