Foundations Lacrosse


High School Summer Commitment

Summer Training

For the summer, the high school will be split into two teams (Upperclassmen and Underclassmen)

Each team will have 2 training sessions before 2 recruiting tournaments

Training Locations and Dates

All High School:

    7/10    Lincoln Sudbury High School           6-7:30pm

7/12    Lincoln Sudbury High School           6-7:30pm

7/17    Lincoln Sudbury High School           6-7:30pm

7/19    Lincoln Sudbury High School           6-7:30pm


Summer Tournaments

Trilogy Providence

July 14th-15th

Bryant University: Providence, RI

Albany Power Shootout

July 21st-22th

RPI: Peoples Dr, Troy, NY


Summer price: $615

Discounted full year price: $1,565