Foundations Lacrosse


Mission Satement:

It is our Mission at Foundations Lacrosse to foster the growth and development of each Lacrosse player we serve. We do this through an unwavering focus on training the foundational skills that create a dynamic and dominating lacrosse player.



Why Foundations?

Foundations Lacrosse offers something different. We focus on training first. Foundations puts no focus on how to win summer tournaments or how to be the best club team. We put all of our attention on repetitions, quality of repetitions and level of coaching. We do this, because this is what allows players to fulfill their potential as a lacrosse player. We also do not interfere with their town Lacrosse experience, which we believe is by far the most important. When our players are asked who they play for they respond with their town or high school team. Ask the best players on the field who they train with, and they will tell you FOUNDATIONS.

Foundations How-To:

When navigating the website “Click to be a part of Foundations Lacrosse” is the place to start. By clicking on the button it will take you to a quick survey where you can fill out some basic information and we can see how you best fit into our program. If you are interested in playing all year round and in competitive tournaments, there is more information under the high school and youth drop down menus. If you are interested in skills clinics to keep your stick sharp and work on your individual fundamental talents, there is more information under the skills training drop down menu. If you are interested in all the above feel free to look at both our club team offerings and skills training.

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by posted 06/24/2017